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Changmin Hyung’s Secret Chapter 1

Title: Changmin Hyung’s Secret Chapter 1
Author: Me ^0^
Pairing: MinJae
Rating: PG-13 I guess… NC-17 later
Genre: Romance, drama, AU, Smut
Warning: Underaged Jae, older Min.
Beta: jaceni
Disclaimer: Jae and Min are not mine. If they were, they’ll never have clothes on... EVER :p

Summary: Jaejoong meets with his Hyung after he's been away for long time. Will his Hyung confide in him as to why he'd been away for so long?

A/N: sooooo? hehe. this is my first fic soo. please don't torture the me. ^o^


"Jaejoong!" I heard my mom call me from the living room. "There’s a call for you!"

I slid my dinner into the stove really quickly to keep it warm, and wiped my hands, before padding over to the phone.

"Hello," I said into the receiver while carrying it into the kitchen with me.

"You ready?" asked a familiar voice, a voice I'd been dying to hear for almost 8 months now.

"Changmin-Hyung?!" I exclaimed. "Whoa, damn, shit Hyung! I can't believe it's you!"

"Hey there punk, watch your mouth," he teased. "Save it for when I kick your ass at billiards tonight. There's no way I'll let you win!" That was Changmin Hyung's way of inviting me to a place. I definitely missed that.

We laughed together after he said that without really having a reason, just hearing his voice brought happiness to me. I didn’t care about his teasing, as long as it came from my favorite hyung, I didn't care at all to be treated like a kid.

He and I had always been very close. When my family first moved into the neighborhood when I was 6, Changmin Hyung, who was 15 by then, became my first friend. Now I am 17 and he 26. As we became older, even though he was a lot older than I, and even after he got married, he never forgot to take some time to hang out with me. Mostly we went out to play billiards. It was something we used to do at least one weekend a month, but that stopped when all of a sudden Changmin Hyung and his wife started having marital problems, which eventually lead to a divorce that lead to our time spent together to dwindle also. Changmin Hyung had always been the strong one. So when all of this was happening in his life, he opted to shut everyone out and deal with his problems all by himself.

After the divorce, I rarely saw him anymore. Then, all of a sudden, something happened that made him snap. He never told me what it was, but I know that it had something to do with his wife. After that, he would visit less; even his calls became rare during that time. No matter how I tried to reach out to him, he would always avoid any kind of communication. He wouldn't let me help him. The only way I was even able to find out that he was still alive was because I pestered his family, calling them every day and asking how my favorite Hyung was doing. They would tell me that he was ok, that he was still going to work, but they also noticed how his attitude changed a little. From being a nice and warm person, his attitude had become mostly distant and cold. Knowing this had hurt me a little. I really wished I could have helped him. If only he let me in just a little.

So when the time came to meet up, I decided to make it worthwhile and make him pay for all the times we didn’t meet. He would be so surprised to find out how I've improved my game, hehe. I had also decided to not ask him any questions regarding his wife or about what happened to him. I didn’t want to seem like a nosey kid.

At 4:30 that afternoon, when he finally dropped by my house to pick me up for our little get together that night, I nearly tackled him into his car. “Hey Jae, how're you doing lately? Why does it seem like you’re not getting any taller, huh?” He teased me, ruffling my hair, while we seated ourselves into the truck and he started to pull out of the driveway.

"I'm ok. Doing great. And just so you know, I grew 3 inches taller over the summer,” I retorted indignantly while I stuck out my tongue at him. He only chuckled in return.

We arrived at the billiard hall at around 5:00. It was only half full by then, so we were able to see an empty pool table immediately. While I set up the balls and readied our billiard table, Hyung went to the snack bar and bought us a couple of beers and chips. He tossed me one beer. I was startled and began looking around frantically when I suddenly heard, “Chill, nobody has to know...” he whispered with a grin, trying to reassure me... referring to the fact that I was still a minor and not allowed to drink. Grinning back at him, opened my can and drank; it was cold and very refreshing. This was why Hyung was my favorite. If it were my parents, I'd probably be bleeding on my head by now due to the hit I'd receive from them for daring to break the rules. I don’t really understand why they are so strict and all.

During the game, I was beating him; 5 games to 2. “Well what do you know, little Joongie has improved.” Hyung teased me while running a hand through his shoulder-length black hair. “You’ve gotten really good, I can’t believe you've beaten me again,” he told me.

“Ha! You’re just getting old Hyung, being all rusty and all. Hahahaha,” I joked while feeling accomplished in trying to make him pay. If I would've known I’d beat him this bad, I would've made a bet. He laughed at my antics and bonked me in the head. It hurt a little, but seeing him laugh and smile with that mismatched twinkle in his eyes made the pain worth it. I'll always want to see him that way.

We became quiet for a little while. I started thinking of something else to say... it was important that I say something to him; anything just to make him know that even if I’m still young he can also confide in me.

“Hyung~~ I'm really glad we spent time together today... I mean, I missed you a lot since I didn’t really hear from you for a while... I really look up to you, you know? You have been one of the most important people in my life, you’re my best friend and I feel like you are a real brother to me. I know I’m still young compared to you but, I …. It’s just that it was kind of hard when you weren’t around...” I told him whole-heartedly. It was hard for me to open up like this, but I guess I can make an exception for my Hyung.

After my little speech, the both of us became quiet and I noticed how Hyung would look everywhere but at me. With a sigh, he stood up from where he was seated and sat down beside me. “After everything that happened, it was hard you know...” he started talking. “ I... had to think of a lot of things. Everything had just changed and I needed to sort things out. But hey, I'm here now, so …” he shrugged and looked at me. He tried to smile, but it came out as forced. It was a little pitiful to see, especially comparing it to his smile earlier, so I tried to stop myself from being pushier about the subject.

We both tried to get over the little drama we made earlier and continued our game. We must have played about 3 more rounds when we realized that it was getting late and decided that we should go home. The ride back home was more comfortable. We talked about a lot of stuff. He asked about school and girls or just anything to tease/annoy me and we also talked about his job a little. He told me about his co-worker, named Yoochun, who would always try and lure girls in to dating him or into giving him their numbers. He told me that no matter how good-looking the guy is, most of the times he failed.

Before I knew it he was already pulling up outside my house. “We're here now... it was fun spending time with you again. Let's do this again sometime, ne?”

“Aren’t you going to come in? Umma and Appa are home today. I’m sure they’d want to see you too. You used to stay over the weekends before...” I said to him, almost sounding as if I was begging.

“I’m sorry Jae. I really just don’t want to see anyone right now. You are the only reason I even came down here. Spending time with you is easier. I just don’t think I can face anyone else right now. All they’ll do is question me, and I would really like to avoid that.” I sighed dejectedly, he had a point.

“Okay then... but if you won’t stay over, maybe I could sleep over? Is that okay?” I asked a little hopeful.

“Huh? What will you do there? You’ll just get bored.” He didn’t sound as if he was going to reject my offer. I just had to give him a little push to make him agree completely. With that in mind I faced him, opened my eyes a little wider and pouted my lips, trying to look adorable. “eeeehhh... Changmin Hyung... please? I promise to be a good dongsaeng and not burden you.”

“Aigoo... That's not fair Joongie! How can I say no to you now.” he said, chuckling while pinching my cheeks. Hehe. Nobody can resist the "Jaejoong Charm”. He gave me permission to sleep over, but told me that I had to tell my parents first. So, I ran back inside my house and told my parents, got some clothes, and when everything was set I got back to Hyung’s car and we made our way to his place.


When we arrived to his house, I started to notice how uncomfortable Hyung seemed to be. “So... you’ll stay in the guest room. You remember where that is, right?” he asked me, I nodded my head as an answer.
“Okay then, let’s go unpack your stuff.”

We started going upstairs to the guest room. As we were heading up, I noticed bare walls everywhere around the house. Those walls used to hold pictures of Hyung and his wife before... and when I look around again, it hit me that the house seemed duller.

We reached the room and arranged my stuff in there. I turned to Hyung and asked him if he wanted to stay a little bit late to watch a movie with me.

“Nah, it’s ok Jae, I think I'm gonna sleep early today. But feel free to stay up all night just make sure that you lock all the doors. Goodnight Jae,” he said while ruffling my hair as he walked out the door.

“Alright Hyung, sleep well...”

After he left, hearing the door of my Hyung's room close, I decided to go down the living room and watch some movies. Beside his huge LCD TV was his vast collection of DVDs ranging from comedy, horror, action, drama, sci fi and romantic comedy. In the end I settled for an Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt movie called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. By the middle part of the movie, my stomach decided that it’s hungry and started grumbling. Now that I think about it, Hyung and I never really ate anything decent at the billiard hall. So, I went over the kitchen and scoured the fridge for something to eat.

When I arrived in the kitchen I looked in the fridge and what I saw made me smile. 'Leave it to a monster eater called Changmin Hyung to have plenty of food stacked in the fridge. I guess some things will never change.' I thought to myself, giggling a little. Gathering up some leftovers, and other possible ingredients, I started making myself dinner. I didn’t know I was making too much noise until I felt another person’s presence behind me. Immediately, I turned around only to find Hyung standing by the door of the kitchen, looking half dead. He was wearing his boxer shorts and a black wife beater with his hair all over the place.

“Omo! Did I wake you up? I’m sorry; I didn’t realize I was making that much noise.” I said to him apologetically.

“It wasn’t your fault. My sleep pattern is a mess recently, so it’s hard for me to sleep lately.” He said, reassuring me as we walked by the table to sit. “So, you're whipping up something to cook? Mind sharing some with me?” He continued.

I smiled at him and answered. “Sure Hyung.” I continued cooking the left over pasta I found in the fridge; tweaking it a little so it would taste better. After I was done the two of us went back to the living room and continued watching the movie.

I don’t know why... but there was suddenly a little voice in the back of my head that wanted me to ask Hyung about what happened with his wife. I tried to stop it earlier, but I guess I couldn’t help it now; I’ve always been curious.

“Hyung... is it ok if I ask you something? Please don’t get mad at me though,” I asked him carefully.

“Is this about me and Yeon Hee?” he said sounding a little down and not looking at me. Now I was starting to feel that this was a bad idea. I should’ve just dropped it. 'Stupid Jaejoong,' I berated myself

“It’s ok if you don’t want to talk about it. I know you’re not really comfortable with people asking you this question and all...” I told him hurriedly while waving my hands trying to salvage the situation. I don’t really want him thinking that I’m a nosey person.

“Thanks for being understanding, but since it’s you, sure, I'll answer it. What do you want to know?” This time he looked at smiling a little.

“Are you sure? Okay then, so what finally made you divorce her?”

“It was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to hurt her anymore...”

I hate it that Hyung was still trying to defend her. She had been cheating him behind his back and it was Hyung who felt that way? That bitch.
“What are you talking about Hyung? It wasn't your fault that that bitch couldn’t keep her legs closed. It’s her lost you know. Didn’t she know that you were probably the best catch in this world? Hope she gets syphilis from ----”

“Listen Jae,” Hyung suddenly said, interrupting my little tirade. “Don’t talk about her like that. There are things that you don’t know about.”

“What the... Why the hell are you defending her?!” I told him, my voice rising a little. I couldn’t believe that he was defending her after all the cheating she did.

“I told you. There are things that you don’t know about.” He was clutching the hem of his boxers as he said this, looking a little nervous. “I didn’t love her, we didn’t love each other... I married her so that I can make my parents happy. They were being pushy and wanting me to get married. It was annoying, so I married her. ” Hearing this from him was a shock to me. He of all people would do such a thing?

“Ohhh... But I don’t understand. Why would you do that? Wha... I mean. I can’t believe this.” I said shaking my head, trying to process everything that he just said. “You’re a very good looking person, smart and nice. Anyone would fall for you... why did you have to do all that just to avoid your parent’s wishes?” I still couldn’t believe everything he just said. I was really disappointed with him. He must have seen it in my eyes because he looked away and sighed dejectedly.

“I’m gay Jaejoong. So getting married with a woman wasn't really part of my plan,” were his next words.


+.Chapter 2.+

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